"We have worked with Riley Wilson on a number of different projects and it has always been such an easy process. He allowed me as the producer to listen in on his recordings and gave me multiple reads of each line while taking each note to heart and executing it perfectly. He is a true professional with an amazing range. Not to mention we had the recording within minutes of getting off the phone which was ideal since we were under a tight deadline. I would highly recommend Riley to other production companies if they need a strong voice and a professional attitude." Heather Mansfield, Castleview Productions

"Thank you for all the great work you do with Splash! It really is fun to edit to your work. "
Andy Murphy, Video Visionary

"I've worked editing recordings from Riley Wilson for the past 11 years in my time with Intelemedia Communications. His voice work is always top notch. The speed and accuracy with which he records is always greater than expected and projects are usually completed same day thanks to his dedication." Corey Geloneck, Transcription and Voice Services Manager

“Riley Wilson has a tremendous talent. We affectionately call him the ‘smuckers voice’ as his tone and tempo are warm and inviting. Furthermore, Riley is professional and articulate, and this reflects well on our products. The process to get our voice-over work complete is always simple and prompt. His talent is an asset to our business.” Jonathan Roberts, President and CEO ofUPPERcase, Inc.

"Recently compared you to others…you are a MUCH better voice over person than the original person that producer had work on the show. He had no punch to his voice. Completely flat. You do good work. "
David Waters, David Waters Productions


I almost always record at my Pro Tools equipped home studio, as well as Audacity and use either program the client prefers. I can record with or without phone direction and can then provide raw uncompressed audio or sweeten with EQ, compression, normalization, etc and then export the saved files in aiff, mp3 or .wav formats up to 32 bit and 96K for ultimate fidelity. I can usually offer same day service on small to medium projects, uploading to ftp, Dropbox or e mail, whichever is preferred. Clients are uniformly impressed with the quality, pacing and delivery of work recorded here. Best of all, there are no additional studio charges for the client!

Back story

"I majored in Radio, TV, Film at UNC Chapel Hill and worked my first radio job the day I graduated college! I worked in radio on and off for the next 15 years and began doing voiceovers just before moving to Dallas, TX in 1996. I started working in voiceovers not long after arriving and have managed to work for some great clients during the past 20 years. I've recorded at almost all the big studios in town and now spend my days in my home studio. I can usually offer same day turnaround on small to medium sized projects. If you need it done right the first time, call or e mail me today!"